The Dream for the District of Columbia

Over the past five decades, our Nation’s capital has been overcome with poverty, drugs, crime
and violence. In response to these challenges our local government continues to pour millions
of dollars into prisions, additional police and federal supported programs in an effort to resolve
many of these problems. We believe the only solution to the challenges that our inner cities face
is the person, precepts and principles of Jesus. Approximately 2000 years ago, Jesus entered
into a world plagued with many of the same problems. It is His model that is the answer to the
challenges our inner cities face today.

The objective of “859″ is to use the only model with a proven record of success. It was established
by Jesus and used by other notables such a Fransis of Assisi and Mother Teresa, and has been
attempted by many others. Jesus began with a core group of disciples who were with Him and
learned to love and trust Him. The love they received from Him was poured into people who
were hurting and considered outcasts. Ultimately, He built an army largely made up of ordinary
men and women who loved God and one another; they then went out two by two and not only
changed Jerusalem but eventually the entire world.

The goal of “859” is to mentor young people to love Jesus with all of their heart and empower
them to serve the less fortunate and oppressed throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan
area. The scope of the people we will serve will include those who are homeless, gang bangers,
seniors in need etc…. We desire this army of young people to be the hands, head and heart of
Jesus in the Nation’s capital.

Strategy of the mission:

1. Live together in a Jesus Christ centered community as a band of brothers and sisters
(3-12). We will meet regularly to study the Scriptures and develop close personal
relationships with one another and the young people we are mentoring.
2. This band of brothers and sisters will not operate under any religious or political
affiliation; we will work serving all people of the city.

3. We will concentrate on personally mentoring young people one at a time. Then, after
several years of training in the precepts of Jesus, they will be sent out two by two.
4. Multiply these “Jesus centered” communities throughout the D.C. Metro area and
ultimately throughout the world.


Committed to love God with all of our heart
Committed to loving one another
Committed to loving our families and the communities we serve.
Committed to value, love and respect all people inspite of race, religion, or economic
Committed to engage in life-changing community
Committed to keeping short accounts with one another.
Committed to being accountable to one another in order to practice what we teach.
Committed to prayer.
Committed to working in unity under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.